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Revise paragraph (a revised #3164)

Revise text further, following suggestions in #3164 and part of the suggestions by @som-snytt. But I've kept "appear", since this paragraph documents the external behavior, not the implementation.
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1 parent c243435 commit 1d8e8ffa0f9e3334d4387b6dc074f924b41410ce @Blaisorblade Blaisorblade committed Nov 23, 2013
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  1. +3 −3 src/library/scala/concurrent/impl/Promise.scala
@@ -82,11 +82,11 @@ private[concurrent] object Promise {
* 2. Complete, with a result.
* 3. Linked to another DefaultPromise.
- * If a DefaultPromise is linked it another DefaultPromise then it will
+ * If a DefaultPromise is linked to another DefaultPromise, it will
* delegate all its operations to that other promise. This means that two
* DefaultPromises that are linked will appear, to external callers, to have
- * exactly the same state and behaviour. E.g. they will both appear to be
- * either complete or incomplete, and with the same values.
+ * exactly the same state and behaviour. For instance, both will appear as
+ * incomplete, or as complete with the same result value.
* A DefaultPromise stores its state entirely in the AnyRef cell exposed by
* AbstractPromise. The type of object stored in the cell fully describes the

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