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Update spec build to Jekyll 3.3

Seth Tisue suggested updating the Jekyll dependency for the Scala spec
in scala/scala-lang#559 so that is consistent with the
and Web sites.

Upgrading Jekll from 2.5.3 to 3.3.0 produces slight differences in the
HTML output.  The differences in the HTML are isolated to the markup
for source code highlighting.  In the spec, those are Scala code
listings and the blocks of extended-BNF. From what I saw looking at
all the pages, they render exactly the same, pixel-for-pixel, as
before.  I hit print preview and also didn't notice any anomalies.

I tested in Ruby 2.2.5 using rbenv 0.4.0, gem and Bundler
1.13.6.  This is compared to the Travis build that uses Ruby 2.2.0p0
using rvm 1.26.10, gem 2.4.5 and Bundler 1.7.9.
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1 parent 3de1c0c commit 1f4cd50fa4088ed18db70e417711760518a1c8ba @ashawley ashawley committed Dec 11, 2016
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@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
# To build the spec on Travis CI
source ""
-gem "jekyll", "2.5.3"
+gem "jekyll", "3.3.0"
gem "rouge"
# gem 's3_website'
gem "redcarpet", "3.3.2"

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