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Mark pattern matcher synthetics as SYNTHETIC.

Flagging synthetics accurately is important to allow for
useful static analysis.
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commit 3177934fc157bb5e37797c87d20a25e2ff0311d1 1 parent b02e952
@paulp paulp authored
2  src/compiler/scala/tools/nsc/transform/UnCurry.scala
@@ -369,7 +369,7 @@ abstract class UnCurry extends InfoTransform
val isDefinedAtMethodDef = {
- val methSym = anonClass.newMethod(nme.isDefinedAt, fun.pos, FINAL)
+ val methSym = anonClass.newMethod(nme.isDefinedAt, fun.pos, FINAL | SYNTHETIC)
val params = methSym newSyntheticValueParams formals
methSym setInfoAndEnter MethodType(params, BooleanClass.tpe)
2  src/compiler/scala/tools/nsc/typechecker/PatternMatching.scala
@@ -1405,7 +1405,7 @@ trait PatternMatching extends Transform with TypingTransformers with ast.TreeDSL
// assert(owner ne null); assert(owner ne NoSymbol)
def freshSym(pos: Position, tp: Type = NoType, prefix: String = "x") =
- NoSymbol.newTermSymbol(freshName(prefix), pos) setInfo tp
+ NoSymbol.newTermSymbol(freshName(prefix), pos, newFlags = SYNTHETIC) setInfo tp
def newSynthCaseLabel(name: String) =
NoSymbol.newLabel(freshName(name), NoPosition) setFlag treeInfo.SYNTH_CASE_FLAGS
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