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Fix completion after application with implicit arguments

`List(1, 2, 3).map(f).<ctrl-space>` now works; before
the tree had the type `(bf: CanBuildFrom[...]):...` and
did not contribute completions from the result type.

This commit checks if the tree has an implicit method
type, and typechecks it as a qualifier. That is enough
to get to `adaptToImplicitMethod` in the type checker,
infer the implicit arguments, and compute the final result
type accordingly.
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retronym committed Nov 6, 2013
1 parent 05681d4 commit 6045a05b833c930dfaf343215ac645f4f32f3e2a
@@ -999,7 +999,13 @@ class Global(settings: Settings, _reporter: Reporter, projectName: String = "")
val context = doLocateContext(pos)
if (tree.tpe == null)
val shouldTypeQualifier = tree.tpe match {
case null => true
case mt: MethodType => mt.isImplicit
case _ => false
if (shouldTypeQualifier)
// TODO: guard with try/catch to deal with ill-typed qualifiers.
tree = analyzer.newTyper(context).typedQualifier(tree)
@@ -1192,4 +1198,3 @@ class Global(settings: Settings, _reporter: Reporter, projectName: String = "")
object CancelException extends Exception
@@ -0,0 +1,29 @@
reload: Completions.scala
askTypeCompletion at Completions.scala(11,16)
[response] aksTypeCompletion at (11,16)
retrieved 24 members
[accessible: true] `method !=(x$1: Any)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method !=(x$1: AnyRef)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method ##()Int`
[accessible: true] `method ==(x$1: Any)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method ==(x$1: AnyRef)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method asInstanceOf[T0]=> T0`
[accessible: true] `method eq(x$1: AnyRef)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method equals(x$1: Any)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method hashCode()Int`
[accessible: true] `method isInstanceOf[T0]=> Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method map(x: Int => Int)(implicit a: DummyImplicit)test.O.type`
[accessible: true] `method ne(x$1: AnyRef)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method notify()Unit`
[accessible: true] `method notifyAll()Unit`
[accessible: true] `method synchronized[T0](x$1: T0)T0`
[accessible: true] `method toString()String`
[accessible: true] `method wait()Unit`
[accessible: true] `method wait(x$1: Long)Unit`
[accessible: true] `method wait(x$1: Long, x$2: Int)Unit`
[accessible: true] `value prefix123Int`
[accessible: false] `method clone()Object`
[accessible: false] `method finalize()Unit`
@@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
object Test extends InteractiveTest
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
package test
import scala.Predef.DummyImplicit // turn off other predef implicits for a cleaner .check file.
object O {
def map(x: Int => Int)(implicit a: DummyImplicit): O.type = this
val prefix123 : Int = 0
class Foo { => x)./*!*/ // we want the presentation compiler to apply the implicit argument list.

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