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SI-4841 CLI help update for -Xplugin

The argument to `-Xplugin` is now a comma-separated list of paths.
This commit updates the option descriptor and a code comment.
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1 parent 527fd9a commit 77a66d35254119ecb26e7cfbb0f5d75fd2480eaf @som-snytt som-snytt committed Jan 8, 2014
@@ -126,10 +126,11 @@ object Plugin {
/** Load all plugins specified by the arguments.
- * Each of `jars` must be a valid plugin archive or exploded archive.
+ * Each location of `paths` must be a valid plugin archive or exploded archive.
+ * Each of `paths` must define one plugin.
* Each of `dirs` may be a directory containing arbitrary plugin archives.
* Skips all plugins named in `ignoring`.
- * A single classloader is created and used to load all of them.
+ * A classloader is created to load each plugin.
def loadAllFrom(
paths: List[List[Path]],
@@ -94,11 +94,11 @@ trait ScalaSettings extends AbsScalaSettings
val nouescape = BooleanSetting ("-Xno-uescape", "Disable handling of \\u unicode escapes.")
val Xnojline = BooleanSetting ("-Xnojline", "Do not use JLine for editing.")
val Xverify = BooleanSetting ("-Xverify", "Verify generic signatures in generated bytecode (asm backend only.)")
- val plugin = MultiStringSetting("-Xplugin", "file", "Load one or more plugins from files.")
- val disable = MultiStringSetting("-Xplugin-disable", "plugin", "Disable the given plugin(s).")
+ val plugin = MultiStringSetting("-Xplugin", "paths", "Load a plugin from each classpath.")
+ val disable = MultiStringSetting("-Xplugin-disable", "plugin", "Disable plugins by name.")
val showPlugins = BooleanSetting ("-Xplugin-list", "Print a synopsis of loaded plugins.")
- val require = MultiStringSetting("-Xplugin-require", "plugin", "Abort unless the given plugin(s) are available.")
- val pluginsDir = StringSetting ("-Xpluginsdir", "path", "Path to search compiler plugins.", Defaults.scalaPluginPath)
+ val require = MultiStringSetting("-Xplugin-require", "plugin", "Abort if a named plugin is not loaded.")
+ val pluginsDir = StringSetting ("-Xpluginsdir", "path", "Path to search for plugin archives.", Defaults.scalaPluginPath)
val Xprint = PhasesSetting ("-Xprint", "Print out program after")
val writeICode = PhasesSetting ("-Xprint-icode", "Log internal icode to *.icode files after", "icode")
val Xprintpos = BooleanSetting ("-Xprint-pos", "Print tree positions, as offsets.")

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