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SI-7672 explicit top-level import of Predef precludes implicit one

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-Implicitly imported into every compilation unit are, in that order :
-the package `java.lang`, the package `scala`, and the object
-[`scala.Predef`](#the-predef-object). Members of a later import in
-that order hide members of an earlier import.
+Every compilation unit implicitly imports the following packages, in the given order:
+ 1. the package `java.lang`,
+ 2. the package `scala`, and
+ 3. the object [`scala.Predef`](#the-predef-object), unless there is an explicit top-level import that references `scala.Predef`.
+Members of a later import in that order hide members of an earlier import.
+The exception to the implicit import of `scala.Predef` can be useful to hide, e.g., predefined implicit conversions.
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