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Restore sketchy dependency to quick.bin.

Apparently we cannot run at all without the continuations
classes on the classpath. At least that it was I conclude
from the fact that quick/bin/scala hasn't worked since
I routed the plugin classes into continuations-library.

This restores them to quick's classpath so we can have
qscala again.
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1 parent 79d653a commit 81a4f4d0c90d0da65e8b19b9453c32dd7dc3c39d @paulp paulp committed Mar 13, 2013
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@@ -1388,6 +1388,7 @@ QUICK BUILD (QUICK)
<pathelement location="${build-quick.dir}/classes/compiler"/>
<pathelement location="${build-quick.dir}/classes/repl"/>
<pathelement location="${build-quick.dir}/classes/scalap"/>
+ <pathelement location="${build-quick.dir}/classes/continuations-library"/>
<pathelement location="${jline.jar}"/>
<path refid="asm.classpath"/>
<path refid="forkjoin.classpath"/>

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