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Allow retrieving STARR from non-standard repo for PR validation

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adriaanm committed Nov 6, 2013
1 parent 40af1e0 commit 852a9479d02e152df9156bc6303b70dea9db9a41
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@@ -240,12 +240,15 @@ TODO:
<!-- BND support -->
<typedef resource="aQute/bnd/ant/" classpathref="extra.tasks.classpath" />
+ <artifact:remoteRepository id="extra-repo" url="${extra.repo.url}"/>
<!-- Download STARR via maven if `starr.use.released` is set,
and `starr.version` is specified (see the starr.number properties file).
Want to slow down STARR changes, using only released versions. -->
<if><isset property="starr.use.released"/><then>
<echo message="Using Scala ${starr.version} for STARR."/>
<artifact:dependencies pathId="starr.core.path">
+ <artifact:remoteRepository refid="extra-repo"/>
<dependency groupId="org.scala-lang" artifactId="scala-library" version="${starr.version}"/>
<dependency groupId="org.scala-lang" artifactId="scala-reflect" version="${starr.version}"/>
<dependency groupId="org.scala-lang" artifactId="scala-compiler" version="${starr.version}"/>

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