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replace symbols correctly when subtyping dependent types

as discussed in [1], this change has no impact on the scala type
system, but it can fix subtyping for annotation checkers if the
pluggable type system supports annotations that can refer to method

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1 parent 01eb6f4 commit 91c9c420b25072d6ff4123b9bd073028f0a3562a @lrytz lrytz committed Jan 8, 2013
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 src/reflect/scala/reflect/internal/Types.scala
2 src/reflect/scala/reflect/internal/Types.scala
@@ -6075,7 +6075,7 @@ trait Types extends api.Types { self: SymbolTable =>
(sameLength(params1, params2) &&
mt1.isImplicit == mt2.isImplicit &&
matchingParams(params1, params2, mt1.isJava, mt2.isJava) &&
- isSubType(res1, res2.substSym(params2, params1), depth))
+ isSubType(res1.substSym(params1, params2), res2, depth))
// TODO: if mt1.params.isEmpty, consider NullaryMethodType?
case _ =>

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