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Fixed SI-5708. Correctly compute accessibility for object members.

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dragos committed May 10, 2012
1 parent 391524d commit 9d1bc68b78a76a18777a859816bcb1c7f81bf2dd
@@ -930,7 +930,7 @@ class Global(settings: Settings, _reporter: Reporter, projectName: String = "")
val implicitlyAdded = viaView != NoSymbol
members.add(sym, pre, implicitlyAdded) { (s, st) =>
new TypeMember(s, st,
context.isAccessible(s, pre, superAccess && !implicitlyAdded),
context.isAccessible(if (s.hasGetter) s.getter(s.owner) else s, pre, superAccess && !implicitlyAdded),
@@ -0,0 +1,47 @@
reload: Completions.scala

askTypeCompletion at Completions.scala(17,9)
[response] aksTypeCompletion at (17,9)
retrieved 44 members
[accessible: true] `lazy value fooInt`
[accessible: true] `method !=(x$1: Any)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method !=(x$1: AnyRef)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method ##()Int`
[accessible: true] `method +(other: String)String`
[accessible: true] `method ->[B](y: B)(test.Compat.type, B)`
[accessible: true] `method ==(x$1: Any)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method ==(x$1: AnyRef)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method asInstanceOf[T0]=> T0`
[accessible: true] `method ensuring(cond: Boolean)test.Compat.type`
[accessible: true] `method ensuring(cond: Boolean, msg: => Any)test.Compat.type`
[accessible: true] `method ensuring(cond: test.Compat.type => Boolean)test.Compat.type`
[accessible: true] `method ensuring(cond: test.Compat.type => Boolean, msg: => Any)test.Compat.type`
[accessible: true] `method eq(x$1: AnyRef)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method equals(x$1: Any)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method formatted(fmtstr: String)String`
[accessible: true] `method hashCode()Int`
[accessible: true] `method isInstanceOf[T0]=> Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method ne(x$1: AnyRef)Boolean`
[accessible: true] `method notify()Unit`
[accessible: true] `method notifyAll()Unit`
[accessible: true] `method pkgPrivateM=> String`
[accessible: true] `method synchronized[T0](x$1: T0)T0`
[accessible: true] `method toString()String`
[accessible: true] `method wait()Unit`
[accessible: true] `method wait(x$1: Long)Unit`
[accessible: true] `method wait(x$1: Long, x$2: Int)Unit`
[accessible: true] `method x=> test.Compat.type`
[accessible: true] `method →[B](y: B)(test.Compat.type, B)`
[accessible: true] `value CONST_STRINGString("constant")`
[accessible: true] `value __leftOfArrowtest.Compat.type`
[accessible: true] `value __resultOfEnsuringtest.Compat.type`
[accessible: true] `value pkgPrivateVString`
[accessible: true] `value selfAny`
[accessible: false] `method clone()Object`
[accessible: false] `method finalize()Unit`
[accessible: false] `method privateM=> String`
[accessible: false] `method protectedValM=> String`
[accessible: false] `value privateVString`
[accessible: false] `value protectedVString`
File renamed without changes.
@@ -0,0 +1,18 @@
package test

object Compat {
final val CONST_STRING = "constant"
lazy val foo = 4

private val privateV = ""
private[test] val pkgPrivateV = ""
protected val protectedV = ""

private def privateM = ""
private[test] def pkgPrivateM = ""
protected def protectedValM = ""

class Foo {
Compat./*!*/CONST_STRING // its 'accessible' flag is false

This file was deleted.

This file was deleted.

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