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SI-6692 pickle one more flag bit: EXISTENTIAL

before, PickledFlags & EXISTENTIAL == 0, so that an existential symbol would
lose the EXISTENTIAL bit when pickled, causing spurious incremental recompiles,
as pickled information and type-checking-from-source-based information differed

pickling this additional bit should be a compatible change, as older versions (pre-2.9.3)
will simply mask out the extra flag bits pickled as of now (2.9.3) so that their behavior
is not affected -- newer versions will see more flags, which might cause regressions,
but it's also the only way to fix SI-6692

this obviates the need to set the existential flag when unpickling an existential type's params

this is the smallest backport of a9b85db and 3e2c31f that I could think of

as 2.9 is in maintenance mode, I don't want to invest in testing infrastructure to test the pickler,
however, the fix is tested by the incremental compiler test 'inc-pickled-existential' in sbt
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adriaanm committed Nov 21, 2012
1 parent 3d2bcf2 commit c17b9b49646ce044b111c2d69121fcdc3737bb46
@@ -100,7 +100,8 @@ object ModifierFlags extends ModifierFlags
private final val PKL_MASK = 0x00000FFF
- final val PickledFlags: Long = 0xFFFFFFFFL
+ // must pickle EXISTENTIAL for SI-6692
+ final val PickledFlags: Long = 0x8FFFFFFFFL
private def rawPickledCorrespondence = Array(
@@ -396,10 +396,7 @@ abstract class UnPickler {
case EXISTENTIALtpe =>
val restpe = readTypeRef()
- val tparams = until(end, readSymbolRef)
- // binary compatibility: in 2.9.x, Symbol doesn't have setFlag
- tparams foreach (x => x.asInstanceOf[{ def setFlag(mask: Long): this.type }] setFlag EXISTENTIAL)
- ExistentialType(tparams, restpe)
+ ExistentialType(until(end, readSymbolRef), restpe)
case ANNOTATEDtpe =>
var typeRef = readNat()
val selfsym = if (isSymbolRef(typeRef)) {

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