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SI-6987 Fixes fsc compile server verbose output

Internally the fsc server code was setting a "verbose" flag, but it was
always false. Fixing that gives server's verbose output, but because the
output was buffered and not flushed the server's output wasn't seen
until the compile run was complete. This commit fixes the verbose flag
and flushes the server side output.
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commit e12a5b88acd80a41574d51c88a7776f99c3d2580 1 parent 884737c
@JamesIry JamesIry authored
3  src/compiler/scala/tools/nsc/CompileServer.scala
@@ -92,10 +92,11 @@ class StandardCompileServer extends SocketServer {
val args = input.split("\0", -1).toList
val newSettings = new FscSettings(fscError)
- this.verbose = newSettings.verbose.value
val command = newOfflineCompilerCommand(args, newSettings)
+ this.verbose = newSettings.verbose.value
info("Settings after normalizing paths: " + newSettings)
+ if (!command.files.isEmpty) info("Input files after normalizing paths: " + (command.files mkString ","))
// Update the idle timeout if given
2  src/compiler/scala/tools/util/SocketServer.scala
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ trait CompileOutputCommon {
def verbose: Boolean
def info(msg: String) = if (verbose) echo(msg)
- def echo(msg: String) = Console println msg
+ def echo(msg: String) = {Console println msg; Console.flush}
def warn(msg: String) = System.err println msg
def fatal(msg: String) = { warn(msg) ; sys.exit(1) }
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