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Fixing OSGi distribution.

There was some kind of wierd filesystem issue where ANT would overwrite
jars or not, depending on timestamps.  It was a non-repeatable failure.
Rather than overwrite JARs and rely on ANT, let's just spell out the
non-OSGI bundles.  While I had hoped to avoid hard-coding these,
it's probably best we've done so.
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1 parent 70a24f9 commit e791a92667653071e34c53071dc7ebc74532f1b8 @jsuereth jsuereth committed Dec 5, 2012
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@@ -2672,7 +2672,12 @@ DISTRIBUTION
<target name="dist.base" depends="dist.start">
<mkdir dir="${dist.dir}/lib"/>
<copy toDir="${dist.dir}/lib">
- <fileset dir="${build-pack.dir}/lib"/>
+ <fileset dir="${build-pack.dir}/lib">
+ <include name="jline.jar"/>
+ <include name="scalacheck.jar"/>
+ <include name="scala-partest.jar"/>
+ <include name="scalap.jar"/>
+ </fileset>
<mkdir dir="${dist.dir}/bin"/>
<!-- TODO - Stop being inefficient and don't copy OSGi bundles overtop other jars. -->

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