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SI-6661 - Remove obsolete implicit parameter of scala.concurrent.prom…

…ise method

Clarification of @heathermiller:
This is an inconsistency introduced after refactoring implicit ExecutionContexts.
In commit 1dfce90 the implicit ExecutionContexts were removed from everything else in Promise.scala,
but it appears that method promise was missed in the scala.concurrent package object, which would've made
sense to remove back then.
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commit ed7bd017852cf5e98d1a8089d0a0f6aefc0d4f68 1 parent 8b59843
@phaller phaller authored
Showing with 2 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +2 −3 src/library/scala/concurrent/package.scala
5 src/library/scala/concurrent/package.scala
@@ -29,13 +29,12 @@ package object concurrent {
def future[T](body: =>T)(implicit execctx: ExecutionContext): Future[T] = Future[T](body)
- /** Creates a promise object which can be completed with a value.
+ /** Creates a promise object which can be completed with a value or an exception.
* @tparam T the type of the value in the promise
- * @param execctx the execution context on which the promise is created on
* @return the newly created `Promise` object
- def promise[T]()(implicit execctx: ExecutionContext): Promise[T] = Promise[T]()
+ def promise[T](): Promise[T] = Promise[T]()
/** Used to designate a piece of code which potentially blocks, allowing the current [[BlockContext]] to adjust
* the runtime's behavior.
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