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Remove temporary binary compat scaffolding from AbstractPartiionFun.

These were only needed during the transition period when we removed
specialization on AnyRef from `AbstractPartialFunction`.

It's time to cast away the crutches.
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1 parent 4e4c151 commit f5e35ecf818b1935bd00aaea009854fd43a458a8 @retronym retronym committed Jan 9, 2014
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  1. +0 −12 src/library/scala/runtime/AbstractPartialFunction.scala
12 src/library/scala/runtime/AbstractPartialFunction.scala
@@ -35,15 +35,3 @@ abstract class AbstractPartialFunction[@specialized(scala.Int, scala.Long, scala
// let's not make it final so as not to confuse anyone
/*final*/ def apply(x: T1): R = applyOrElse(x, PartialFunction.empty)
-// Manual stand-ins for formerly specialized variations.
-// Not comprehensive, only sufficent to run scala-check built scala 2.11.0-M5
-// TODO Scala 2.10.0.M6 Remove this once scalacheck is published against M6.
-private[runtime] abstract class AbstractPartialFunction$mcIL$sp extends scala.runtime.AbstractPartialFunction[Any, Int] {
- override def apply(x: Any): Int = apply$mcIL$sp(x)
- def apply$mcIL$sp(x: Any): Int = applyOrElse(x, PartialFunction.empty)
-private[runtime] abstract class AbstractPartialFunction$mcFL$sp extends scala.runtime.AbstractPartialFunction[Any, Float] {
- override def apply(x: Any): Float = apply$mcIL$sp(x)
- def apply$mcIL$sp(x: Any): Float = applyOrElse(x, PartialFunction.empty)

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