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Commits on May 13, 2012
  1. @retronym

    Address doc comment rot in the standard library.

    retronym authored
    - Match @param/@tparam names to the actual parameter name
    - Use @tparam for type parameters
    - Whitespace is required between `*` and `@`
    - Fix incorrect references to @define macros.
    - Use of monospace `` and {{{}}} (much more needed)
    - Remove `@param p1 ...` stubs, which appear in the generated docss.
      - But, retainsed `@param p1` stubs, assuming they will be filtered from
        the generated docs by SI-5795.
    - Avoid use of the shorthand `@param   doc for the solitary param`
      (which works, but isn't recognized by the code inspection in IntelliJ
      I used to sweep through the problems)
    The remaining warnings from `ant docs` seem spurious, I suspect they are
    an unintended consequence of documenting extension methods.
      [scaladoc] /Users/jason/code/scala/src/library/scala/collection/TraversableOnce.scala:181: warning: Variable coll undefined in comment for method reduceOption in class Tuple2Zipped
      [scaladoc]   def reduceOption[A1 >: A](op: (A1, A1) => A1): Option[A1] = reduceLeftOption(op)
      [scaladoc]       ^
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