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Cooler couleurs take 3 #2353

merged 2 commits into from Apr 4, 2013
Commits on Apr 4, 2013
  1. @som-snytt @adriaanm

    SI-6289 Partest in technicolor and showing javac errors

    som-snytt committed with adriaanm Mar 22, 2013
    Paulptest includes color and simplified test scarfing.
    Scalap tests are moved to the conventional name and location.
    Testicolor missed out on Josh Suereth's tweak to sort the files in
    a compilation round.  Restore sortiness to test sources.
    Testicolor is due to one of Paul's branches on a timeline
    that apparently did not include the destruction of planet
    Earth and its colonies by the Xindi.
    Thanks also to Szabolcs Berecz for his merge effort.  Merging
    is thankless work, but not as thankless as merging in a
    timeline that actually does terminate in the destruction of
    your home world and Enterprise.
    Archer had a supremely difficult choice: rescue humanity or
    live out his retirement with T'Pol waiting on him hand and
    foot? I'm sure I don't know how I'd choose.
  2. @som-snytt @adriaanm

    SI-6289 Paulptest demonstrating javac errors

    som-snytt committed with adriaanm Mar 27, 2013
    This is Paul's test demonstrating that Javac errors are
    correctly transcribed in the test transcript.
    A gratuitous Scala class is added to a later round to
    show that the test halts after the first error.
    The runner must supply absolute paths to javac so that
    absolute paths are reported in errors and stripped away
    by partest.
    The check file is differentiated for Java 6 and 7,
    and partest's runner will now post-process the
    `diff log check` to strip the diff which does not apply.
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