SI-8321 bundles can't be whitebox #3571

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xeno-by commented Feb 21, 2014

review @retronym

xeno-by added some commits Feb 21, 2014

@xeno-by xeno-by minor code cleanup in the macro engine 6ce573b
@xeno-by xeno-by SI-8321 whitebox bundles are now recognized as such
whitebox.Context <: blackbox.Context, so in order to check for blackboxity
it's not enough to check whether the context used is <: blackbox.Context.

xeno-by added this to the 2.11.0-RC1 milestone Feb 21, 2014

retronym was assigned by xeno-by Feb 21, 2014

@xeno-by xeno-by bundles now reject invalid context types
Vanilla macros only allow blackbox.Context, whitebox.Context and
PrefixType refinements thereof. Bundles should behave in the same way.

xeno-by added some commits Feb 21, 2014

@xeno-by xeno-by prohibits polymorphic bundles
It's not like they were inducing bugs, but I can't see how polymorphism
can be useful for macro bundles, hence imho it's better to reduce the
number of degrees of freedom of the system.
@xeno-by xeno-by more helpful bundle error messages
At the moment, bundle selection mechanism is pretty picky. If a candidate
bundle's parameter isn't either blackbox.Context, whitebox.Context or
PrefixType refinement thereof, then it's not a bundle and the user
will get a generic error.

However we can be a bit more helpful and admit classes that are almost
like bundles (looksLikeMacroBundleType), have them fail isMacroBundleType,
and then emit a much prettier error message to the user that would tell them
that bundles must be monomorphic and their sole parameter should not just
be any subtype of blackbox.Context or whitebox.Context.
@xeno-by xeno-by more tests for macro bundles
Given the recent glaring oversight in macro bundles, I have to have more
tests in order to make sure that things are going to work as they should.
@xeno-by xeno-by more clean up in the macro engine
Now when SI-7507 is fixed in starr, we can actually remove a workaround
and make a 10 line reduction in the size of Resolvers.scala.

retronym commented Feb 21, 2014

LGTM. Well tested and presented. Macro bundles are themselves a new feature, so the surface area for regressions is low.

@adriaanm I recommend this one for RC1, but I'll let you make the call on that as its hard to argue that this is a blocker, other than noting that by not fixing these quirks now, we're probably locked into them for 2.11.N


xeno-by commented Feb 22, 2014

Hey guys! Everything is green, so how about we merge? Please, let this thing in - I would be very ashamed if macro bundles will be released like that.


adriaanm commented Feb 23, 2014

What Jason said. Merging.

@adriaanm adriaanm added a commit that referenced this pull request Feb 23, 2014

@adriaanm adriaanm Merge pull request #3571 from xeno-by/ticket/8321
SI-8321 bundles can't be whitebox

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xeno-by commented Feb 23, 2014

Oh yeah! This made my weekend!!

xeno-by deleted the xeno-by:ticket/8321 branch Feb 23, 2014

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bundles can't be whitebox #8321

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