Actually fixes SI-5055. Also adds keyboard shortcuts to Scaladoc- makes browsing fun again. #582

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Makes Scaladoc a zillion times less annoying to use-- no more uncontrollable anchoring to the top of the page (though it still anchors, now it's anchors more seldomly). Makes copying/pasting, page up/down, etc are once again possible in Scaladoc.

New keyboard shortcuts:

  • Browse Scaladoc with arrow keys. Search for something in the left side bar, hit the down arrow. Use the up/down arrow keys to move to packages/objects/classes/traits, and hit Enter to load the corresponding page in the right panel.
  • Toggle between panes with tab key Hitting the tab key will toggle between the text filter in the left pane, and the text filter in the right pane.
  • Up arrow key overrides auto-focus in right pane When the right pane's text filter is selected (and the input panel annoyingly sticks to the top of the page), pressing the up arrow will automatically scroll to the top. Nice when you want to read the API comments.
  • Escape resets filters (oldie but goodie).

Preview here:

Regarding review; since I'm responsible for the front-end of Scaladoc, I'm not sure who would review this.


Bravooo! +1000
I noticed a small problem: whenever I click a page in the left navigation panel, a new tab is open instead of opening the page in the left frame. What could be causing this?

My browser is Firefox on Ubuntu 12.04. (Chromium works well though...)


One more crazy idea (not sure it's possible though): Can we also scroll and expand the the class members? It's probably hard to implement, but it would be incredibly nice to have!


Sweet! Shortcuts ftw! (Can we use the konami code to see the matrix^W the compiler's view of the types?)

@adriaanm adriaanm merged commit 1f5584f into scala:master May 19, 2012

@VladUreche I just fixed the weird issue with the left navigation panel and the new tab. It's the world's stupidest fix-- a two-character change. Will now submit a new pull request. Good news; it'll now work in Firefox.

No idea about IE though-- if anyone receiving this can check how it looks in IE, please do!


Actually-- take my last comment back. The Firefox issue needs a bit more investigation. As of this moment, the above preview URL is my (currently buggy) test directory. Anyone with IE-- don't experiment with it just yet.


I think this is better than what we have. However, there things lost, and things I do not understand.

  • There isn't any way to navigate through hyperlinks anymore.
  • There isn't any way to mouselessly select an object anymore (well, it was pretty hard before, so it isn't quite a loss).
  • I hate the up-arrow movement. Home seems to do what up-arrow is now doing just fine, but having up-arrow not be the inverse of down-arrow is very painful. This I'd really like to see reverted.
  • Also, there isn't any way at all to mouselessly scroll up and down without clearing the search. I don't see why do this, if ESC clears it.

So, I'd prefer to:

  • Remove the clearing of search by arrow and pgup/pgdn.
  • Revert the special treatment of up-arrow -- leave that to Home.
  • Make side-arrows navigate between links and, possibly, select object/class on the left tab.
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