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26 lines (23 sloc) 1.45 KB do |s| = 'CocoaAsyncSocket'
s.version = '0.0.1'
s.license = 'public domain'
s.summary = 'An asynchronous socket networking library for Cocoa.'
s.homepage = ''
s.authors = 'Dustin Voss', { 'Robbie Hanson' => '' }
s.source = { :git => '', :commit => 'a87a901f6b3bbc83e2c449ffd33515f8d31da2f8' }
s.description = 'CocoaAsyncSocket supports TCP and UDP. The AsyncSocket class is for TCP, and the AsyncUdpSocket class is for UDP. ' \
'AsyncSocket is a TCP/IP socket networking library that wraps CFSocket and CFStream. It offers asynchronous ' \
'operation, and a native Cocoa class complete with delegate support or use the GCD variant GCDAsyncSocket. ' \
'AsyncUdpSocket is a UDP/IP socket networking library that wraps CFSocket. It works almost exactly like the TCP ' \
'version, but is designed specifically for UDP. This includes queued non-blocking send/receive operations, full ' \
'delegate support, run-loop based, self-contained class, and support for IPv4 and IPv6.'
s.source_files = '{GCD,RunLoop}/*.{h,m}'
s.clean_paths = 'Vendor', 'GCD/Xcode', 'RunLoop/Xcode'
s.requires_arc = true
if config.ios?
s.frameworks = ['CFNetwork', 'Security']
s.frameworks = ['CoreServices', 'Security']