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Couchbase Java Client Library

This is the official client library for use with Couchbase Server.


If you found an issue, please file it in our JIRA. Also you are always welcome on #libcouchbase channel at IRC servers.



The library may be installed either through maven or through standalone jar files. See the main website for details.


A simple creation of a client may be done like so:

List<URI> baseList = Arrays.asList(
CouchbaseClient client = new CouchbaseClient(baseList, "default", "")

See the documentation on the site for more usage details, including a getting started guide and a tutorial.


Note that this 1.1 preview has support for Couchbase Views which are new to Couchbase Server 2.0. This portion of the API is still being developed and undergoing changes. See the preview page on the website for more information on obtaining and using the 1.1 previews or look to the documentation on the Couchbase website. Source code repositories be found in the master branch on github.