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Welcome to

Please visit the site itself here:

The site is written in Ruby on Rails and is broken down into a Main App (cbmodels_app_controller) and three subsections Models, Patterns and Strategies (cb_models, cb_patterns, and cb_strategies).

If you look in app/controllers and app/views you can see the pages and their structures. Like:

In the app/models area, the Analytics module initializes Couchbase with default initial values.

For layout, css and styling, it uses Twitter Bootstrap and the Google Code Prettify.

Description of Contents

The default directory structure of a generated Ruby on Rails application:

|-- app
|   |-- assets
|       |-- images
|       |-- javascripts
|       `-- stylesheets
|   |-- controllers
|   |-- helpers
|   |-- mailers
|   |-- models
|   `-- views
|       `-- cb_models
|       `-- cb_patterns
|       `-- cb_strategies
|       `-- layouts
|-- config
|   |-- environments
|   |-- initializers
|   `-- locales
|-- db

TBD, Tasks

Create sample code for more than one language, including .NET, Java, etc. and an easy way to change code samples to different languages (partially done)