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Simple script to generate load with different read and write ratios on local Couchbase Server
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Using the Ruby based load test is easy!

Pre-Requisite: Install Couchbase Server 2.5 Enterprise on your machine, then..

On Mac: Make sure you have XCode, Command Line Tools installed/up to date, and Make sure you have Homebrew installed and up to date ($ brew update;brew upgrade;brew doctor).

On Windows: Follow instructions on the couchbase communities site for the c library that matches your configuration.

Load Testing

$ ruby load.rb
  • You can open multiple terminals and do this since each ruby run is single threaded process
  • There are only so many operations a single thread/process can generate, so multiple simultaneous runs are needed to generate higher loads, I do one per core max

Clear out the default bucket between runs

$ ruby flush.rb
  • There are a 5 phases of load testing with different mixes of Read/Write.
  • The load.rb file is commented so you can see what is happening at each phase and the configurable parameters.


Phase 1 --- Read   0%, Write 100% --- Create 100,000 items...
Phase 2 --- Read  33%, Write  66% --- Create 100,000 items, Get & Replace 100,000 items...
Phase 3 --- Read  33%, Write  66% --- Create 100,000 items, Get 100,000 items, Get & Replace 100,000 items...
Phase 4 --- Read  60%, Write  40% --- Get 300,000 items, Get & Replace 200,000 items...
Phase 5 --- Read 100%, Write   0% --- Get 500,000 items...
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