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Try setup

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Try setup with Docker

As the webKnossos readme says, you can try webKnossos by cloning the repository and running


and then navigating to localhost:9000 in a browser.

Updating this setup to a newer version

To get the new image, run docker-compose pull webknossos. Also, run git pull to get the newest docker-compose definition files.

After updating the image, your database schema may be out of date. You can run docker-compose run psql in a separate shell to start a psql client connected to the webKnossos database, where you can check the current schema version with select * from webknossos.releaseInformation; and then apply the missing migrations from the conf/evolutions directory via \i evolutions/033-tasktype-recommendedConfiguration.sql.

To reset your database, run docker-compose run drop-db. This will work only while the database is running, but webKnossos and psql are not.

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