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Tools and steps to install them for the ScalaBridge course.


You will need to install 1) Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and 2) a text editor or integrated development environment (IDE) to write Scala code.

To install the JVM visit Corretto and grab the appropriate package for your operating system. Version 8 or above is fine. (Your computer may already have a JVM installed. You can find out by running the java command from a terminal. If you don't know what this means it doesn't matter. It won't hurt to install Corretto if you have another JVM already. If you use a package manager you probably have a range of JVMs available. Any JVM that supports Java 8 or above is fine.)

There are two routes to installing the text editor or IDE you need to develop Scala:

  • If you already have tools you are comfortable with then you can continue to use them. You will need the example project below and SBT. If you go this route it is your responsibility to maintain your setup, though the mentors are likely to have experience with common tools like Emacs and Vim.

  • If you haven't programmed before or don't have a strong preference we recommend you install the IntelliJ Scala Bundle. Follow the link and scroll down the page a bit until you see the "Downloads" heading. Download the appropriate package from there.

Base Project

The base project provides some basic configuration for the work we'll do at ScalaBridge. Depending on your group you will have a different base project:

  • If you don't have programming experience get the Creative Scala template. Click the green "Clone or download" button and choose "Download ZIP". (If you know how to use Git you can clone or fork the repository instead.)

  • If you have programming experience, but not with Scala get the ScalaBridge starter project.

  • If you have Scala experience setup yourself up a project.

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