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The Scala Center Advisory Board


This repository documents the process and activities of the Scala Center Advisory Board, the body which makes recommendations on the activities of the Scala Center, under the provisions of the Scala Industry Affiliates Program

Proposals for Recommendation

Proposals for recommendation may be submitted to the Advisory Board for consideration only by

  • The Scala Center,
  • advisory board members,
  • affiliate members, or
  • community members through the community representatives,

and should be made via a pull-request adding a new Markdown file to the proposals directory. The proposal should be assigned the next available Scala Center Proposal (SCP) number in sequence, and the file should be named nnn-<description>.md, where nnn is the SCP number, padded with zeroes, and <description> is a concise, lower-case, dash-separated description of the proposal.

Proposals should follow the format and sections laid out in the template proposal, and should be concise enough to fit on a single side of paper if printed out.

Proposals status

To see the up-to-date status of a proposal see the proposals/README which holds whether or not the proposal has been accepted, a summary of updates and the current status of all proposals. Once a proposal has been accepted by the board it becomes a "recommendation".

NOTE: This proposals/ file is auto-generated, so if you need to add an update or change the status of a proposal make sure to do so in the heading of the proposal file. The possible headings are:

date: date proposed
accepted: true, yes, false, no
  - postponed until next meeting
  - accepted after discussion
  - Updates found at
status: completed, postponed, active, etc

The proposals/ will be updated in CI when merged into main, but you can also manually regenerate it with scala-cli run bin/ from the root of this project.


For reference, invitations sent to each Advisory Board representative are included in the invitations directory.


Agendas for each Advisory Board meeting shall be made available online at least five days before the meeting takes place, and shall reside in the agendas directory, under the filename, where xxx represents the meeting number, yyyy represents the year and z represents the quarter (1, 2, 3 or 4).


The minutes of the Scala Center shall be written up by the secretary after each meeting, and made available shortly afterwards on the Scala Center website.


Contributions may be made to this repository, however the documents here represent a record of the proceedings of Advisory Board meetings, so only immaterial changes such as spelling corrections and reformatting will be accepted.


Scala Center Advisory Board planning


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