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SCP-004: Center to coordinate SIP/SLIP process


This text is a post-hoc summary of the proposal as verbally presented during the First Scala Center Advisory Board Meeting.


  • Regain community's trust and enthusiasm for the SIP/SLIP process.
  • Increase the community's involvement with the language and the eco-system.
  • Fair representation of community, industry and language creator & maintainers.

Proposed approach

  • We can't fix this until we admit there's a problem. For example, just mentioning SIP/SLIP on a PR will immediately shut down the conversation.
  • Minimize process overhead, clarify timing of deadlines, responsibility of various actors.
  • Should we rebrand the process? It may help to have separate technical working groups that come up with proposals and a separate process for voting on these proposals. We could integrate the latter into the Scala Center board meetings.