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Scala Center Advisory Board Meeting, Q2, 2016: Agenda

  1. Opening Remarks (Jon Pretty, Acting Chairperson)
  2. Report on Scala Center Activities (Executive Director)
    1. Massive Online Open Courses
    2. Scala Fiddle
    3. Scaladex Package Manager
  3. Election of Officers
    1. Chairperson
      1. Nominations
      2. Representations
      3. Voting
    2. Secretary
      1. Nominations
      2. Representations
      3. Voting
    3. Technical Advisor
      1. Nominations
      2. Representations
      3. Voting
  4. Proposals
    1. Representations
      1. SCP-001: Native Execution of Scala/Spark via LLVM (David Grove)
      2. SCP-002: Clarification of Scala to Dotty migration path (Tim Perrett)
      3. SCP-003: Creation of Publicity Chair (Alexy Khrabrov)
      4. SCP-004: Clarification on how to write proposals (Bill Venners)
      5. SCP-005: Ensurance of continuity of Scala.js project (Alexy Khrabrov)
    2. Discussion
    3. Voting
  5. Changes to Membership Agreement
    1. Increase to number of community members
    2. Regularity of Advisory Board meetings
  6. Any other business
  7. Date of next meeting
  8. Closing remarks (Acting Chairperson)
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