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SCP-003: Scala Center Publicity Chair


Proposed by Alexy Khrabrov, Nitro, May 9, 2016


Publicity Chair role for Scala Center is proposed to coordinate and foster community stewardship, Scala Center growth, and Scala community growth and alignment.


One of the key functions of Scala Center is to drive Scala based on the community needs and visions. Scala consists of multiple tribes, and technological alignment is achieved by constant communication. Furthermore, as an organization, Scala Center depends on enterprise support. Carefully calibrated and properly executed communication strategy is required to achieve this. I propose the role of the Publicity Chair and raise my hand to drive it forward.


The functions of my role at Nitro align well with this role. The costs would be marketing outreach (campaigns), design of infographics, etc. A PR strategy would need to be created and costs evaluated.


PR plan would be put forward at the next board meeting.