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SCP-005: Ensurance of continuity of Scala.js project


This text is a post-hoc summary of the proposal as verbally presented during the First Scala Center Advisory Board Meeting.


Proposed by Alexy Khabrov from Nitro


The proposal is for the Scala Center to ensure continuity of the Scala.js project, resources permitting.

Background: At present (May 2016), the core Scala.js project members are Sébastien Doereane and Nicolas Stucki. The funding for Stucki's position runs out in August.

Could Scala.js yet be considered "production ready", "enterprise ready", "bulletproof", and so forth? Some companies, including some large companies, already think so. But if not, what it would take to get it there? Issues the Scala.js project don't have resources to address right now include: IDE support, integration between backend and frontend code, and integration with JavaScript ecosystem (such as npm and ES6 modules and libraries). Scala.js does a good job in dealing with JavaScript the language, but there isn't a good story yet of managing dependencies coming from both ecosystems (e.g. with bower).