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SCP-006: Compile Time Check of Serializability


Proposed by Spark Technology Center, IBM, August 9, 2016


In the use of Apache Spark RDDs, users specify closures to higher order functions that are shipped to (possibly) remote nodes. If said closure references a symbol that is not serialized by Spark, the user would only find out at runtime with a NotSerializableException thrown by the Spark engine. This is obviously a waste of the user's time and resources.

For instance, in this code snippet:

class Adder(val y: Int) {
  def add(rdd: RDD[Int]): RDD[Int] = => x + y)

The lambda x => x + y references the class member/getter y. This snippet would compile but the Spark engine would throw an error.

Heather Miller worked on the Spores project that, with appropriate usage, could inform the user at compile time about this error. It must be used like this:

class Adder(y: Int) {
  def add(rdd: RDD[Int]): RDD[Int] =
    spore {
      val y = this.y // will not compile if this is omitted
      (x: Int) => x + y

This is a great start and there is already a SIP for Spores. Such a mechanism would also benefit other projects like Akka and any other distributed/concurrent framework.

A slightly different representation of this check, such as an annotation, might be more elegant.


The Scala Center should evaluate the potential benefit of the availability of such a safe serialization construct. If determined to be useful, it could also explore alternate ways of expressing this check. Also a discussion of whether this becomes part of the language, core libraries or is maintained as a separate project would be useful.


Uncertain, but depends on how it is adopted.


Probably less than 6 months.