Scala build server and command-line tool for fast developer workflows
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Bloop gives you fast edit/compile/test workflows for Scala.

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Bloop is a Scala build server and command-line tool to make the compile and test developer workflows fast and productive in a build-tool-agnostic way.

Tight feedback loop

Edit, compile and test workflows are the bread and butter of our daily jobs. When our build is slow to respond, our productivity drops. Bloop is a command-line tool and build server that brings you a tighter developer workflow. Slow Scala compile times can often be attributed to the slugishness of our build tool, and bloop aims to address them.

We have created bloop to make you productive without getting in your way. We focus on how you can be faster at writing Scala code using your current build tool, whether it’s sbt, Maven or Gradle.


Bloop's documentation lives in our website.

  1. User documentation to read about the project, how to install and use bloop, and similar user inquiries.
  2. Developer documentation to learn how to hack on the project, run our community build, improve documentation, etc.


The people that can merge pull requests are:

  1. Paweł Bartkiewicz
  2. Ruben Berenguel
  3. Tim Nieradzik
  4. Martin Duhem
  5. Jorge Vicente Cantero
  6. You? 😄 Follow our CONTRIBUTING guide.