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An sbt plugin for missinglink.


Add the following lines in project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("ch.epfl.scala" % "sbt-missinglink" % "<sbt-missinglink-version>")
libraryDependencies += "com.spotify" % "missinglink-core" % "<missinglink-core-version>"

You can find the latest missinglink-core version in their release list.

sbt-missinglink missinglink-core
sbt-missinglink badge missinglink-core badge

Then, run the following task for the project you want to test:

> theProject/missinglinkCheck

This will check that the transitive dependencies of your project do not exhibit any binary compatibility conflict, assuming that the methods of your Compile configuration (in src/main/) are all called.

Testing another configuration

You can test another configuration, such as Test or Runtime, with:

> theProject/Runtime/missinglinkCheck

Do not fail on conflicts

By default, the plugin fails the build if any conflicts are found. It can be disabled by the missinglinkFailOnConflicts setting:

missinglinkFailOnConflicts := false

Ignore conflicts in certain packages

Conflicts can be ignored based on the package name of the class that has the conflict. There are separate configuration options for ignoring conflicts on the "source" side of the conflict and the "destination" side of the conflict. Packages on the source side can be ignored with missinglinkIgnoreSourcePackages and packages on the destination side can be ignored with missinglinkIgnoreDestinationPackages:

missinglinkIgnoreDestinationPackages += IgnoredPackage("")
missinglinkIgnoreSourcePackages += IgnoredPackage("com.example")

By default, all subpackages of the specified package are also ignored, but this can be disabled by the ignoreSubpackages field: IgnoredPackage("test", ignoreSubpackages = false).

Excluding some dependencies from the analysis

You can exclude certain dependencies using moduleFilter:

missinglinkExcludedDependencies += moduleFilter(organization = "")
missinglinkExcludedDependencies += moduleFilter(organization = "ch.qos.logback", name = "logback-core")

Limiting the concurrency

sbt runs the missing-link analysis on the modules you have concurrently. Analysis of each module can take up a considerable amount of memory, so you might want to limit the degree of concurrency. To run missing-link at most on 4 projects at a time, add this setting to your project root.

concurrentRestrictions += Tags.limit(missinglinkConflictsTag, 4)

More information

You can find more information about the problem statement, caveats and limitations, etc. in the upstream project missinglink.


Scala Center

This project is funded by the Scala Center.