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Sbt plugins maven style



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How it works

We pull poms from Bintray and we receive poms from Maven Central or to Scaladex directly. Your library has to be published to one of those repositories.


  • We discover Scala release based on the pom filename. A common practice is to include the scala compiler version in the artifactId. We search for .pom files containing _2.10, _2.11 and _2.12. If you dont follow this convention add your releases to non-standard.json
  • We download pom and parent poms
  • We read them, 10% are invalid (most common issue: duplicated tags see
  • We inspect the pom file for scm tag (source control management). If you forgot to add a scm tag claim your library to claims.json
  • We download content and metadata from GitHub (Readme, Avatar, Descriptions, etc)

How to contribute

Join the channel and read the developer guide

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