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Merge branch 'remove-greetings' into release

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commit f484b138dc33eca9e220461f7643aa65d9020146 2 parents f3df3c8 + de72c15
@gkossakowski gkossakowski authored
Showing with 1 addition and 14 deletions.
  1. +1 −14 build.xml
15 build.xml
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@
<taskdef name="scalac" classname="" classpathref="scala.class.path"/>
- <target name="scalac" description="Scalac compile to jribble" depends="greetings">
+ <target name="scalac" description="Scalac compile to jribble">
<mkdir dir="war/WEB-INF/jribble"/>
<!-- TODO(grek): We should have a proper javabootclasspath here -->
<scalac srcdir="src" destdir="war/WEB-INF/jribble" target="jribble" addparams="${scala.args}">
@@ -75,19 +75,6 @@
<arg value=""/>
- <target name="greetings" description="Greetins from Scala+GWT project.">
- <echo message="Greetings from Scala+GWT project! Thanks for checking it out."/>
- <echo message=""/>
- <echo message="********************************************************************************"/>
- <echo message="* WARNING *"/>
- <echo message="* Scala+GWT compilation process is mind-bogglingly slow at the moment. *"/>
- <echo message="* First run takes several minutes to compile, subsequent runs are *"/>
- <echo message="* considerably faster but still very slow. We are aware of that and we are *"/>
- <echo message="* working to fix that. Thanks for your patience while waiting for Scala to *"/>
- <echo message="* run in a browser! *"/>
- <echo message="********************************************************************************"/>
- </target>
<target name="build" depends="gwtc" description="Build this project" />
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