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We have another fantastic day writing Scala


  1. chimney chimney Public

    Scala library for boilerplate-free, type-safe data transformations

    Scala 1.1k 84

  2. catnip catnip Public

    Static annotations for Kittens for people who don't like to write semiautomatic derivations into companion objects themselves.

    Scala 43 4

  3. enumz enumz Public

    One enum type class to rule them all

    Scala 29 1

  4. ocdquery ocdquery Public

    Over-Complicated Database Query using higher-kinded data

    Scala 36 5

  5. pulp pulp Public

    Scala library for guiceless dependency injection

    Scala 30 1

  6. endpoints-elm endpoints-elm Public

    Elm code generator based on Scala endpoints library (

    Scala 7 1


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