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NOTE! Please use v2.1.2 instead of v2.1.0 due to a misconfigured pom.

First of all, I am excited to welcome Gabriele Petronella (@gabro) to the Scalameta team! From #1146.

Gabriele Petronella has made many valuable contributions to Scalafix and Scalameta via PRs, issue discussions and presenting awesome talks about it at conferences. It is long overdue that we officially recognize his contributions to Scalameta!

  • semanticdb-scalac is now upgraded to Scala 2.12.4 and 2.11.12. We still support 2.12.3 and 2.11.11, but not any older Scala versions.
  • #1158 Significantly reduced memory-footprint of semanticdb-scalac during compilation by allowing Scalameta data-structures to be immediately garbage collected during typer phase instead
    of being held in-memory until jvm phase. By @xeno-by and @olafurpg.
  • #1155 Fix two cases where semanticdb-scalac cause compiler crashes, by @xeno-by
  • #1155 New semanticdb-scalac configuration options (default option is first example):
    • -P:semanticdb:denotations:all/definitions/none to configure which denotations to store, definitions only persists definitions in the analyzed source file, by @xeno-by
    • -P:semanticdb:messages:all/none to opt-out of generation of reported messages, @xeno-by
    • -P:semanticdb:synthetics:all/none to opt-out of generation of the Synthetics section, by @xeno-by
    • -P:semanticdb:profiling:off/console to report profiling information during compilation. See #1147 for updates on performance improvements, by @xeno-by
    • -P:semanticdb:include:<regex> to filter which files to be included for semanticdb generation, defaults to .* matching all files, by @xeno-by and @olafurpg
    • -P:semanticdb:exclude:<regex> to exclude which files to be included for semanticdb generation, defaults to matching no files. Useful for example to exclude generated sources, by @xeno-by and @olafurpg
    • -P:semanticdb:members:none/all (experimental) #1148. Persist members of packages/wildcard imports/template parents to be able to build lexical scope at position from semanticdbs, by @olafurpg
  • #1142 Fix lost implicit synthetics in for-comprehensions, by @fikovnik
  • #1143 Restore macro plugins from old analyzer, fixing incompatibility with scalamacros/paradise, by @olafurpg
  • #1145 Fix pretty-printing of by-name and repeated parameter types, by @olafurpg
  • #1154 improve symbol resolution to anonymous classes, by @olafurpg
  • #1159 new artifact semanticdb-scalac-core, which is the non-fatjar variant of semanticdb-scalac, by @olafurpg
  • #1067 clearer error messages when loading semanticdbs, by @olafurpg

Full list of closed issues and pull requests can be found in https://github.com/scalameta/scalameta/milestone/6?closed=1