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Built with Scalameta

Feel free to add your project to this list by submitting a pull request here.

  • Scalafmt: code formatter.
  • Scalafix: refactoring and linting tool.
  • Metals: Language Server Protocol implementation.
  • Metabrowse: static site generator to browse source code with "Jump to definition" and "Find references".
  • Stags: Scala tags generator.
  • AST explorer: interactive explorer of Scala syntax trees.
  • Metarpheus: extract models and apis from a spray-based server.
  • sbt-ammonite-classpath: an sbt plug-in to export classpath of an sbt project to Ammonite Script, which can be then used in Ammonite REPL or Jupyter Scala.
  • sbt-example: an sbt plug-in for creating unit tests from Scaladoc.
  • sbt-doctest: generates tests from examples in Scaladoc.
  • Stryker4s: Test your tests with mutation testing.