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Scala docs and semantic updates

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@marcgrue marcgrue released this 05 Sep 23:44
· 438 commits to master since this release

Major overhaul of Molecule:

Thorough Scala docs API documentation

All relevant public interfaces have been documented in the new Scala docs. Shortcuts to Scala docs sub packages and documents are also directly available via "API docs" in the menu on the Molecule website.

To aid constructing molecules in your code, all attributes defined now also have Scala docs automatically defined by the sbt-molecule plugin upon compilation.

Input molecules correctly implemented

Input molecules are now semantically correctly implemented and thoroughly tested (1 input, 2 inputs, 3 inputs).

Interfaces updated and streamlined

The standard getters return Lists of tuples of type-casted tuples.

  • get
  • getAsOf(t)
  • getSince(t)
  • getHistory
  • getWith(txData)

If large data sets are expected, an Iterable of tuples of lazily type-cased tuples can be retrieved instead.
Data is type-casted on each call to next on the iterator.

  • getIterable
  • getIterableAsOf(t)
  • getIterableSince(t)
  • getIterableHistory
  • getIterableWith(txData)

If typed data is not required we can get the raw untyped java collections of Lists of objects.

  • getRaw
  • getRawAsOf(t)
  • getRawSince(t)
  • getRawHistory
  • getRawWith(txData)

Breaking changes

The whole directory layout of the Molecule library has been re-arranged and optimized, including many interfaces. So you might have to change some method names if you have used earlier versions of Molecule.