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To add your Scala group to Scala Space, add an item to the collection in data/groups.json with the following five elements: group name, Meetup group ID or full URL, latitude and longitude of the place where you usually meet, and true if the group is a purely Scala group, or false if it's a more general FP group.

The easiest way to find these is to do a Google search for "coordinates of [place name]", and to reformat the response as real numbers, remembering to negate longitudes in the Western Hemisphere, and latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere.

For example, searching for "coordinates of Brighton" returns the response "50.8429° N, 0.1313° W". This should be translated to the following entry:

  name: "Brighton Scala Users Group",
  url: "",
  latitude: 50.8429, 
  longitude: -0.1313, 
  justScala: true

Try to keep the locations in alphabetical order of name.


Building locally

# clone the repository
git clone
# make your changes to the code

# build the javascript file
sbt fullOptJS

# open browser
open index.html

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