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Merge pull request #40 from balagez/master

Make quiet mode actually quiet
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project Version 0.7.0
src Make quiet mode actually quiet
.classpath Fixes #117 - Incorrect error messages from sbt plugin
.gitignore Added eclipse project
.project Upgrade to 0.5.0
.scalastyle Added eclipse project
.travis.yml Added travis Version 0.7.0 added multi-build script
build.sbt Prepare for next iteration
scalastyle-config.xml Updated scalastyle-config.xml with latest config from scalastyle
scripted.sbt Build for 0.12/2.9.2 as well


This project is intended to provide SBT 0.13 plugin support for Scalastyle. For more information about Scalastyle, see For more information on how to use the plugin, see

This plugin uses version 0.7.0 of Scalastyle itself.

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