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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <feature url="features/org.scala-ide.sdt.feature_0.0.0.jar" id="org.scala-ide.sdt.feature" version="2.0.2">
      <category name="sdt"/>
   <feature url="features/org.scala-ide.sdt.source.feature_0.0.0.jar" id="org.scala-ide.sdt.source.feature" version="2.0.2">
      <category name="source"/>
   <feature url="features/" id="" version="2.0.2">
      <category name="dev"/>
   <feature url="features/org.scala-ide.sdt.scalatest.feature_0.0.0.jar" id="org.scala-ide.sdt.scalatest.feature" version="0.9.3">
      <category name="sdt.scalatest"/>
   <feature url="features/org.scala-ide.sdt.scalatest.source.feature_0.0.0.jar" id="org.scala-ide.sdt.scalatest.source.feature" version="0.9.3">
      <category name="source"/>
   <category-def name="sdt" label="Scala IDE for Eclipse"/>
   <category-def name="sdt.scalatest" label="ScalaTest for Scala IDE"/>
   <category-def name="dev" label="Scala IDE for Eclipse development support"/>
   <category-def name="source" label="Sources"/>
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