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Scalation Kernel


The Scalation Kernel project provides a lightweight Scala + ScalaTion kernel for Jupyter notebooks. More information is available on the project page.



  • Java 8 (>= 8)
  • Scala 2.12.8 (>= 2.12.8)

Installation requires a recent ScalaTion distribution (>= 1.3) from here. Once you have ScalaTion, make sure the SCALATION_JARS environment variable is set appropriately before continuing. This can be done individually, as seen here:

It is important to note that this is the most important step, if the environment variable is not correct, the program will not run properly.

Steps (Terminal):

  • Find where you downloaded your copy of ScalaTion.
  • Use pwd command to get the path location.
  • Copy the path to use in the next steps.

Run the following commands with "/path/to/" replaced with the file path from the pwd command:

$ export SCALATION_JARS=/path/to/scalation_mathstat.jar
$ export SCALATION_JARS=/path/to/scalation_modeling.jar:$SCALATION_JARS


$ export SCALATION_JARS=/home/mepcotterell/Downloads/scalation_1.4/scalation_mathstat.jar
$ export SCALATION_JARS=/home/mepcotterell/Downloads/scalation_1.4/scalation_modeling.jar:$SCALATION_JARS

It can also be done with a single command if you know the path to the scalation_models directory:

$ export SCALATION_JARS=$(find /path/to/scalation_models/lib | grep .jar | paste -sd ":" -)

To install Scalation Kernel from PyPI, you can use the following commands:

$ python3 -m pip install -U scalation_kernel
$ python3 -m scalation_kernel.install

More installation options are presented in the Installation Guide, including deployment options for Python virtual environments and Docker containers.

Using ScalaTion Kernel

The dropdown menu in Jupyter labeled New should show an option to create a ScalaTion notebook using the installed kernel.

A User Guide is currently under development. A complete draft is planned for the next minor release. Until then, please see the collection of example notebooks for usage examples.



Copyright © Michael E. Cotterell and the University of Georgia. This software is free and open source under an MIT License. The content and opinions expressed on this Web page do not necessarily reflect the views of nor are they endorsed by the University of Georgia or the University System of Georgia.