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package org.scalatra.example
import org.scalatra._
import com.mongodb.casbah.Imports._
import org.scalatra.json.JacksonJsonSupport
import org.json4s._
import org.json4s.mongo.{JObjectParser, ObjectIdSerializer}
* This is a simple approach for converting MongoDB results to JSON strings.
trait SimpleMongoDbJsonConversion extends ScalatraBase with ApiFormats {
// renders DBObject and MongoCursor as String making use of standard toString() methods
def renderMongo = {
case dbo: DBObject =>
contentType = formats("json")
case xs: TraversableOnce[_] => // handles a MongoCursor
contentType = formats("json")
val l = xs map (x => x.toString) mkString(",")
"[" + l + "]"
}: RenderPipeline
// hook into render pipeline
override protected def renderPipeline = renderMongo orElse super.renderPipeline
* This is alternative approach using json4s and scalatra-json.
trait Json4sMongoDbJsonConversion extends JacksonJsonSupport {
// required by scalatra-json
implicit val jsonFormats = DefaultFormats + new ObjectIdSerializer
// converts DBObject and MongoCursor to json4s JValue
// JValue is handled by scalatra-json and converted to string there
// scalatra-json also takes care of setting the content type
def transformMongoObjectsToJson4s = {
case dbo: DBObject => JObjectParser.serialize(dbo)
case xs: TraversableOnce[_] =>
// handle MongoCursor
JArray( { x => JObjectParser.serialize(x) })
}: RenderPipeline
// hook into render pipeline
override protected def renderPipeline = transformMongoObjectsToJson4s orElse super.renderPipeline
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