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Scalatra Swagger Flowershop

Corresponds to the guide at

A sample API, including automatically generated, runnable API documentation, to demonstrate Scalatra's Swagger functionality.

Build & Run

$ git clone
$ cd scalatra-website-examples/2.3/swagger-example
$ chmod +x sbt
$ ./sbt
> container:start

Open your browser to, and you'll see the default Swagger demo application - a Pet Store - and you'll be able to browse its documentation.

The Pet Store documentation is showing because is entered into the URL field by default.

Paste http://localhost:8080/api-docs/resources.json - into the URL field, delete the "special-key" key, then press the "Explore" button. You'll see a Swaggerized view of the API documentation for this application. Try clicking on the "GET /flowers" route to expand the operations underneath it, and then entering the word "rose" into the input box for the "name" parameter.

(c) Dave Hrycyszyn, 2013