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Scalatra Squeryl Example

Corresponds to the guide at

This app demonstrates how to use Scalatra with an object-relational mapper, integrate C3P0 connection pooling, and bootstrap the database connections into existence.

It uses Scalatra 2.4's ScalatraBootstrap class to kick off the database connection.

There's a scalatest example showing the use of before and after blocks to configure the database when testing.

Create the database

Whether you're testing or running the application in a browser, you'll need a blank MySQL schema called squeryltryout. You can change database creds in org.scalatra.example.init.DatabaseInit.

Build & Run

$ git clone
$ cd scalatra-website-examples/2.4/persistence/scalatra-squeryl
$ chmod +x sbt
$ ./sbt
> container:start

Go to http://localhost:8080/articles/create-db. This will create the database schema.

You'll be redirected to an article creation form.