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  • GH-16: Dealing with multiple servlets/filters which have FileUploadSupport.
  • GH-18: ScalatraTests doesn't track the session cookie correctly across more than 2 requests
  • Generate CSRF token once per session instead of once per request.
  • GH-19: Render a File when returned by an action
  • GH-20: Add support for the HTTP HEAD method. ScalatraTests support still pending.
  • Upgrade to Jetty 7.
  • Concurrency support for dynamic route addition and deletion.
  • GH-25: Decode request body with content encoding
  • New socketio module. API subject to change before 2.0.0
  • GH-26: Support options request
  • Support for Rails-style path patterns.
  • GH-29: FlashMap should be serializable
  • GH-34: ScalatraTests.addFilter not compatible with Jetty 8
  • GH-35: Support for POST in ScalatraTests
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