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  • Build for Scala 2.9.0-1 and 2.9.0-1.
  • Dropped support for Scala 2.8.0.
  • Specs2 integration for test framework
  • JsonSupport trait for actions that return lift-json objects.
  • Support route matchers in before and after filters.
  • Zero-copy file rendering.
  • New SslRequirement handler redirects non-SSL requests to SSL.
  • New GetResponseStatus handler stores and retrieve the HTTP status code.
  • Make FlashMap entries available to current request, like Rack::Flash.
  • Allow CSRFTokenSupport-derived traits to redefine the forgery test.
  • multiparams now also understands Ruby-style multiparams (suffixed with [])
  • GH-46: Scentry says an invalid request is authenticated but fails with 500 later
  • GH-41, GH-57: FlashMap misbehavior with nested filters or multiple servlets
  • GH-64: fix thread-safety issue in route parsers.
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