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  • Fix dynamic variables leaking memory on redeploy. (GH-74)
  • Send 405 and Allow header if other methods match. (GH-50)
  • Support bodies and headers in halt. (GH-79)
  • Support PATCH requests. (GH-51)
  • Error handler is now a pattern matcher. (GH-93)
  • Generate URLs from route and params (aka reverse routing). (GH-108)
  • Make trailing slash optional on non-root path-mapped servlets. (GH-98)
  • Servlets try to serve static resource if no route matches. (GH-109)
  • request.body is cached so subsequent calls don't return "". (GH-73)


  • New module adds support for rendering Elem responses. (GH-75)


  • Keep query parameters available on multipart requests. (GH-80)
  • Improve character decoding of form fields in multipart requests. (GH-83)


  • Find templates and layouts by convention. (GH-87)


  • Change interface to socket io to something that allows to keep state per client. (GH-72)
  • Deprecated in favor of Atmosphere.


  • Support for testing arbitrary requests. Explicit support for HEAD, TRACE, CONNECT, and PATCH. (GH-51)
  • Receive and send multiple cookies. (GH-84)


  • Support mutable (unit)specifications. (GH-123)


  • New convenience traits for Suites other than FunSuite. (GH-21)
  • For convenience, ScalatraSuite now extends MustMatchers and ShouldMatchers.


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