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package org.scalatra
package servlet
import javax.servlet.ServletContext
import javax.servlet.http.{HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse}
import java.{util => ju}
import scala.collection.immutable.DefaultMap
import scala.collection.JavaConverters._
* ServletBase implements the Scalatra DSL with the Servlet API, and can be
* a base trait of a Servlet or a Filter.
trait ServletBase
extends ScalatraBase
with SessionSupport
with Initializable
type ConfigT <: {
def getServletContext(): ServletContext
def getInitParameter(name: String): String
def getInitParameterNames(): ju.Enumeration[String]
protected implicit def configWrapper(config: ConfigT) = new Config {
def context = config.getServletContext
object initParameters extends DefaultMap[String, String] {
def get(key: String): Option[String] = Option(config.getInitParameter(key))
def iterator: Iterator[(String, String)] =
for (name <- config.getInitParameterNames.asScala.toIterator)
yield (name, config.getInitParameter(name))
override def handle(request: HttpServletRequest, response: HttpServletResponse) {
// As default, the servlet tries to decode params with ISO_8859-1.
// It causes an EOFException if params are actually encoded with the
// other code (such as UTF-8)
if (request.getCharacterEncoding == null)
super.handle(request, response)
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